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Destiny Apostolic Church exists in order to evangelise and restore individuals from every walk of life with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church is a Bible believing body, where teachings and missionary approach emphasise holiness and righteous living as a key to a fulfilled life here and in eternity. The foundation of the church is prayer and teaching the full counsel of God. Read More


Vibrant praise, inspiring worship, anointed teaching of God’s word, an unrelenting emphasis on prayer, an action packed youth ministry, genuine love and caring… these are just some aspects of the quality ministry that characterises Destiny Apostolic Church International.


We take pastoral counselling very seriously because we are committed to your total victory. We do not relent until we see you succeeding in your relationship with God, in your personal and family life, in your career, and in your relationship with others.


At Destiny Apostolic Church our aim is to see everyone fully released into the entire purpose of God for their lives. We therefore encourage people to refuse to be anything less than what God has called them to be. As such, it is our priority to give everybody room for the expression of their God-given talents. One of the ways in which we do this is through Destiny Career Builders – an initiative which encourages people to exploit their potential to the full through a series of training programmes and personal counselling sessions.

From training on basic skills such as developing a CV and interview skills to advanced techniques for discovering your skills and gift mix; the message is simple,

“why settle for a job when you can have a career?”


We recognise that godly virtue starts from infancy. That is why we are dedicated to equipping the next generation of saints with the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. From the loving nurturing environment of our crèche to the sound doctrine mixed with fun and excitement for the children’s class you can be assured that your children are in safe hands – God’s hands! Our Children’s ministry maintains the same level of excellence as the adult church.


All women within DACI are Precious Vessels of virtue. The women movement in line with the church trains women to be responsible married or single women in the society. Develop the talents of women and their womanhood to enhance their social, physical, spiritual and intellectual status of women.
It holds meeting monthly, carry out evangelism, prayers, meditation on the word of God and winning souls for the Lord. Also organises seminars, workshops in the area of health, parenting, social, financial, health and themes relating to women.



Men’s ministry is to help men discover their calling from God. We strive to equip, disciple and send each man out to fulfil his unique calling. We aim to help men fulfil their destiny in God by growing as husbands, fathers and leaders in their vocation. We periodically offer special meeting and fellowship monthly.



The youth ministry is designed to teach teenagers as well as young adult to live for Jesus Christ in this end times. Camps, Conferences, Dramer, Bible research, discussions, quizzes, trips and other activities are organized to sustain their interest in the church and to develop them to become the future of God’s church. Eccl 12:1 – Remember your creator in the days of your youth.



Destiny Voices are dynamic group of singers who strive to make worship their lifestyle. We believe in the worship of the only true God, the creator of the heaven and earth and all that is in it. To Him alone we give our praise and worship. The group is made up of people who love to worship God. We desire to offer ourselves to God first, before our songs. We strongly believe in worshipping in spirit and in truth knowing full well that the Holy Spirit is the worship leader and no one can truly worship God without his help.

To make an appointment to see one of our pastors or ministers call 07985378303 or 07539741881.

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